Capture of BTS’s new song ‘DNA’ music video that had 20 million views

It has been announced that the music video of BTS’s new song ‘DNA’ exceeded 20 million views on YouTube in the shortest amount of time in the history of Korean music.

The music video of ‘DNA’ was released on BTS’s official YouTube channel at 6:00 p.m. on the 18th. After 20 hours and 48 minutes, which is less than a day later, the music video hit 20 million views. This was the fastest record achieved among all Korean singers to display the group’s explosive popularity.

After BTS released their new mini album, the title song and the songs within the album topped the domestic music charts. It also ranked first in iTunes ‘Top Album Charts’ in 73 countries around the world to set the greatest record among Korean singers.

BTS will be performing the new songs from their album on stage for the first time on Mnet’s ‘Comeback Show – BTS DNA’ on the 21st.

Translated by Choi Na Ri