TRCNG debut teaser / Photograph = TS Entertainment

It has been announced that a 10 member boy group named ‘TRCNG’ plans to debut on October 10.

On September 18, TS Entertainment announced the news of ‘TRCNG’’s debut and released a video on its official SNS channel.

The video, which began in a mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of the universe, showed the members’ childhood pictures as it revealed the names of the 10 members one after another. Moreover, it also amplified the viewer’s anticipation by alluding towards the powerful image of TRCNG through the usage of surreal sound and visual effects.

TS Entertainment said, “The name ‘TRCNG’ stands for ‘Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation’ and it portrays the drive of becoming teenage champions in a new era. The average age of the members of ‘TRCNG’ is 15.9 years old as all the members were born after the year 2000.”

Translated by Choi Na Ri