Bobby returns with new colors and not as an iKON member, ‘Show Me the Money 3’ winner, or part of the hip hop unit MOBB /Photograph = YG Entertainment

“Was there a side like this to Bobby?”
Bobby’s first solo album, ‘LOVE AND FALL’ was released today (14th) at 6 p.m. as a surprise present for his fans. His album shows a clear difference from the ‘Rapper Bobby’ image he gained from being an iKON member, Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money’ winner, and part of the hip hop unit MOBB. This album is composed of more vocals than rap and it includes songs from various genres such as RnB, ballads, dancehall, and of course hip hop. All we can do is wait to see his unexpected charms.

10. How do you feel about releasing your first album as a solo artist?
Bobby: It is an honor. I will work hard not to let my fans down.

10. How was ‘LOVE AND FALL’ created?
Bobby: It was a fun process. I enjoyed working on it like a hobby. Writing the lyrics to a song is the most fun pastime for me and it is a great way to pass time. (Laughs)

10. How long did it take for the album to come out?
Bobby: I began composing ‘RUNAWAY’, one of the double title songs, not too long since iKON made its debut. Since that was back in 2015, it took quite a while.

10. What kind of song is ‘RUNAWAY’?
Bobby: It is a song inspired by the lyrics of ‘Living inside a CCTV’ from Song Min Ho’s (Winner member) song ‘Fear’. I remember writing the lyrics on my way to a local performance in the bus. It is about the young dreaming of escaping reality.

10. Do you dream of escaping reality?
Bobby: I did while I was making the song. Since my job involves showing myself as I am, I am very careful about every little thing I do and try not to make any mistakes. I thought that those things really killed the real ‘me’. I felt that way….back when I was 19, 20 years old.

10. You are now 22 years old. Do you think differently now?
Bobby: When I was a minor, I thought that I was able to do way more when I became an adult, but now I see there isn’t much of a difference. (Laughs) I am still doing what I love and feel joy when I am able to share it with many people.

10. What is the other title song ‘I Love You’ about?
Bobby: It is a farewell song. I named it ‘I love you’ because I thought that the sorrow of separation would be maximized through the paradox of the lyrics to the title.

10. How did you come to create a double title song?
Bobby: I love all 10 songs in the album. I also had a lot of trouble choosing a title song. I took Yang Hyun-Suk Yang’s advice. He said that ‘I Love You’ is a song that can be easily accepted by the public and ‘Runaway’ is a hip hop song that talks about my story to be great as a title song.

10. Do you feel burdened or a sense of responsibility for releasing an album that only consists of your own songs?
Bobby: I am just happy to be able to share my songs the way it is with others. Rather than being burdened or responsible, I am greedy for more. I hope my fans will listen to my stories from the beginning to the end. Moreover, the fact that I filled my first solo album with my own songs was a great opportunity for me, and that motivated me to work harder.

Bobby composed all the songs in his first solo album, ‘LOVE AND FALL’. /Photograph = YG Entertainment

10. There seems to be a greater portion of vocals than rap in this album.
Bobby: ‘Should Rapper bobby challenge himself to attempt vocals?’ This is a question I wondered about a lot. However, the importance of showing a variety of colors as a musician preceded it. After performing rap without notes, it was difficult to add notes and doing so accurately in the songs. But after doing so, I felt proud of myself. (Laughs)

10. What are your strengths as a vocalist?
Bobby: I think my husky tone sounds attractive. (Laughs)

10. Is there is a song that you adore aside from the title songs?
Bobby: A song I adore is ‘Firework’. It is the first song that I attempted vocals with while working on the album.

10. What does this album mean for the future of your singing career?
Bobby: It is a turning point. Before, I only showed a strong and tough side of myself. So, I tried to put a more soft and emotional side of me in ‘LOVE AND FALL’. I wonder if viewers will like this new side of me and I am worried and curious about how they will feel about it. However, this album has inspired me to want to show myself more as an artist.

10. This album and even the title seem to talk about love a lot.
Bobby: It’s not a personal experience. (Laughs) It’s mainly inspired by movies and webtoons. Recently, I enjoyed reading the webtoon ‘A Man And A Woman’ written by Hikaruri. It is a webtoon that accurately portrays two lovers who have been together for a long time collapsing in front of time. In this album, I wrote about imagining ‘What would it be like if I were in that character’s position?’ ‘LOVE AND FALL’ is an album that expresses love in various ways. It is not based on rough hip hop, but it includes ballad, RnB, as well as songs that are nice to listen to before going to sleep. It’s an album that says, ‘I can do this and I can do that!’ (Laughs)

10. How satisfied are you with the album?
Bobby: I am not 100% satisfied with anything…after listening to the finished songs, I kept thinking, ‘this part could have been better’. Still, I am satisfied with releasing a solo album under my name and showing a new side of me. I feel confident.

10. What kind of reaction do you expect?
Bobby: I want the viewers to give their honest opinion. This is because I have shown myself the way I am in the album. I think it would be better if viewers would listen to the album and say, ‘there is a different side to Bobby we have not seen before’. (Laughs)

Translated by Choi Na Ri