“Hellevator” MV Teaser / Photograph = JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment (hereafter JYP) has revealed the candidates for its newest boy group along with a music video teaser featuring the trainees.


On September 26 at 6:00 p.m., the trainees that will be appearing on JYP’s boyband survival program Stray Kids were revealed along with a teaser for a music video titled “Hellevator”. Sensuous music can be heard in the background of the clip as nine trainees are shown riding in an elevator. The images of a classroom that appears to be in ruins and a stack of books covered in flames successfully pique one’s curiosity about what concepts the trainees will come out with in the future. The name “Stray Kids” is intended to signify that the members of the project are not bound by conventions, and that they seek to express themselves – their distinctive personalities and unconstrained charm –  to their heart’s content.


JYP has rejoined forces with Mnet for this project two years after their 2015 survival program SIXTEEN – the show that gave birth to the group TWICE. Stray Kids will show a group of trainees attempting to pass missions and being evaluated while working toward the goal of each and every trainee making their debut through the program.


The reality program has been highly anticipated as it will show the “JYP Trainee Showcase”, which is expected to unveil the JYP trainees that have been hidden away from the public by the entertainment company.


The first episode of Stray Kids is scheduled to air on Mnet on Tuesday, October 17 at 11:00 p.m. The full version of the “Hellevator” music video will be released on October 3.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood (earwoodjennifer@tenasia.co.kr)