TRCNG / Photograph = TS Entertainment

New boy group TRCNG will be stepping into the music industry spotlight with a powerful hip-hop dance song. The title song of their debut album, which is set to be released on October 10, is a song titled “Spectrum”.

The profiles of all 10 members of TRCNG have now been revealed with the posting of the images of Ji Hun, Ha Young, and Tae Seon on September 26 via the group’s official channel ( The reveal of the group’s debut song title followed on the 27th.

“Spectrum” is distinctive for its balance of grandiose cinematic sounds and trap beats. The hip-hop dance song features impressive lyrics talking about how the 10 boys have come together to bring light into the dark world with their own unique color. Two of the group’s members, Ji Sung and Ho Hyeon, got a chance to show off some of their skills with the song by being involved with creating the rap lyrics for “Spectrum”.

With a name that signifies TRCNG’s aspiration for becoming the champions for the upcoming generation’s teens, – TRCNG stands for “Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation” – the group is expected to show off their infinite spectrum by being bold and full of high-powered energy.

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