Highlight Teaser / Photograph = Around Us Entertainment

The teaser image for Highlight’s eight-year anniversary album CELEBRATE has been revealed.

At midnight on September 27 via the official website and SNS channels of the group’s management agency Around Us Entertainment, the teaser image for Highlight’s second mini album CELEBRATE was revealed to signal the group’s upcoming comeback.

The teaser image was designed to look like an invitation to suit the concept of the album as it is being released to celebrate Highlight’s eighth anniversary of its debut. Although the image shows the members dressed in sharp black suits to match the formality of the occasion, each member is styled in a way that plays up their distinct individuality while also showing their “gentleman’s dignity”.  

The handwritten title of the album CELEBRATE has been drawing attention in particular. The love that Highlight has for its fans can be felt with the release of this album, as it has been reported that the group wanted to alleviate the regret it felt for not being able to be with their fans for their seventh anniversary last year.  

The expectations for CELEBRATE are high as it is being released in October 16 in honor of Highlight’s eighth anniversary after debuting under the name BEAST on October 16, 2009. According to a source close to the group, the members are “working fervently on the album to meet the expectations of their fans.”

Highlight’s new album CELEBRATE will be hitting the shelves on October 16.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood (earwoodjennifer@tenasia.co.kr)