Photograph = Han Seo-Hee live SNS capture

Han Seo-Hee, a trainee who has been sentenced to probation for smoking marijuana with Big Bang’s T.O.P apologized for her ‘rash’ remarks on SNS Live.

On September 27, Han Seo-Hee posted a long message on her SNS account. This message started by saying, “I think I made people uncomfortable about some of the things I said on television. Like I mentioned on television, I just began to learn about feminism. I was put in the spotlight just as I was getting to know about the concept.”

She continued by saying “it was quite rash” to have said, “I dress like a girl” or “I drive like a man” on her recent SNS Live. Moreover, she apologized and made a promise to her fans by saying, “Now I will study hard about feminism to become a person who has a good influence on many people. I will be careful with what I say so that it does not cause any more controversies.”

She was convicted of smoking marijuana 4 times from July to December last year and was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment and 4 years of probation. Moreover, her recent SNS Live stated that she will debut next year January.

Translated by Choi Na Ri