SF9 ‘Knights of the Sun’ promotion schedule / Photograph = FNC Entertainment

The boy group SF9 (Young-Bin, In-Seong, Jae-Yoon, Da-Won, Ro-Woon, Zu-Ho, Tae-Yang, Hwi-Young, and Cha-Ni) will return with a comeback on October 12.

The group’s agency, FNC Entertainment opened the official SF9 teaser site (http://fncent.com/SF9) on the afternoon of the 26th and announced the promotion schedule of the group’s 3rd mini album ‘Knights of the Sun’ that will be released next month.

A poster with SF9’s comeback promotional schedule, which goes on till October 12 was shown with a picture of the group in the background under a dim light. SF9 will perform ‘The Risen Sun’ on the 27th, ‘Knights of the Sun’ on the 28th, ‘Solar Signal #1’ on October 1, and other performances with titles that pique the interest of the public.

SF9 plans to continuously release more teaser contents during the Chuseok break (October 3-5), which is about a week ahead of the comeback.

SF9’s ‘Knights of the Sun’ is a new album released in about 6 months after ‘Breaking Sensation’ in April. This album talks about how SF9, 9 protectors of the Sun, goes on a journey to find the shattered Sun. The cover of the album and music videos for the title songs were filmed in U.S California to show the great scale of the album.

SF9 will release various teaser contents consecutively through their official teaser site.

Translated by Choi Na Ri