Super Junior comeback count down picture / Photograph = Super Junior SNS

Super Junior has announced that they will return with a new album on November 6, to commemorate their 12 year anniversary.

A comeback countdown image was posted on Super Junior’s official SNS site at midnight of the 27th. The number ‘D-40’ was written on the image to show that there were 40 days remaining since Super Junior’s return.

The 40th day is November 6 as well as the day of Super Junior’s initial debut.

Not only was this image posted on Super Junior’s official SNS site but it was also posted on Lee-Teuk, Hee-Chul, Ye-Sung, Shin-Dong, Eun-Hyuk, Dong-Hae, and the other member’s SNS accounts to raise the fans’ expectations for the comeback.

In Korea, there are high expectations for the release of this new album as it is being released in about 2 years and 4 months after ‘DEVIL’ in 2015. They are planning to comeback on their 12 year anniversary to add to the significance of this album.

Members such as Ryeo-Wook, Kyu-Hyun, and more are currently serving the military. As a result, the group will be performing with the remaining 7 members that include Lee-Teuk, Hee-Chul, Ye-Sung, Shin-Dong, Si-Won, along with Eun-Hyuk and Dong-Hae who already completed their military service.

Translated by Choi Na Ri