Rapper Hash Swan /Photograph = Ambition Musik

Hash Swan is a person who does what he wants to do. Even if other people do not like it, even if it is a different style from before, he does it if he wants to do it. That’s why Hash Swan’s music does not overlap with anyone else’s’ and shines with a clear tone. We met Hash Swan who is expanding the music world by breaking his own frame. We heard stories about his current situation, music, and his future.

10. You were a part of Zico & Dean’s team on ‘Show Me the Money 6’ (‘Show Me 6’), but your agency’s CEO Dok2 was the producer of another team. We are curious about what was said between the teams.
Hash Swan: Dok2 said if I were to make it to the team selection stage, it would be better if I didn’t join his team. It was something I also agreed upon. I wouldn’t have had a great profit if I joined Dok2 & Park Jae-Bum’s team. (Laughs) Dok2 is a person who never mixes business with pleasure.

10. In ‘Show Me 5’ and ‘Show Me 6’, you made a trademark by wearing a white hat. How many white hats do you own?
Hash Swan: Not much. Originally, I only had one which I wore on ‘Show Me 5’. It wasn’t even my hat, it was a hat from a member of Holmes Crew, but it became a trademark. If you add the prices of the white hats I have received so far, it will probably add up to the deposit for the house I am living in right now. (Laughs) If there is a rapper who is at a similar stage as me, I would like to hand them over a white hat and say, ‘Now the white hat is a symbolic icon for you.’(Laughs)

10. During a team battle on ‘Show Me 6’, you said “Do you remember this hat?” to Junoflo. This became a hot topic. Was that prepared in advance?
Hash Swan: Dressing up like we did on ‘Show Me 5’ and deciding to go out for a team battle was something we talked about as a team but that comment was something that popped out on the spot. (Laughs)

10. How was the process of working with Zico & Dean team?
Hash Swan: Their style is to first present an artist with their desired direction and later provide feedback to the work that they come up with. They are never the type to want to stand out in the crowd. Dok2 is the total opposite. He is free-style. That style is a better suit for me.

10. What is the secret to writing lyrics with wit?
Hash Swan: It’s simple. You just have to get criticized really hard once. (Laughs) In high school, I used to be in a hip hop club. One day, when I shared my lyrics, a person started criticizing my work and when one person started to do so, the other anonymous members started to criticize me too. That was something that hurt but also woke me up.

10. Was that the time when you performed under the rapper name ‘Pancia’?
Hash Swan: That was before that. It was also the time when I was learning how to rap from Vasco. He taught me a lot about composing lyrics and I read many books back then.

10. What books did you read?
Hash Swan: At first, I mainly read interesting novels. I do not know if reading is a great help in writing rap lyrics. But when you read or watch movies, it definitely changes the way you express things. The book I still remember reading from that time is ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind. I watched movies without any specific genre and I think it was more helpful than reading. When I watched a lyrical or sweet movie after watching a horror movie, I realized that the expressions differed even if the script was the same. From then on, I started to feel the difference between one and two words.

10. What is your favorite lyric from what you wrote?
Hash Swan: The lyrics, ‘Gun shape hands, it’s our Ambition’ from the song ‘Things These Days’ is very meaningful to me. It is meaningful because before, I used to just follow the hand sign of the musicians from Illionaire Records on stage and now I am in a position to lead the hand sign of Illionaire Records on stage.

10. What does it mean for your music career to be a part of Ambition Musik, which is an affiliate label of Illionaire Records?
Hash Swan: It is the second turning point. The first turning point was meeting the Holmes and Piraps crew who are still making music with me.

10. Pick 2 songs that you’ve heard or made that you have the most attachment to so far.
Hash Swan: I will choose Dok2’s ‘1llusion’ first. When I appeared in ‘Show Me the Money’ last year, it played as the background music on Dok2’s scenes like an advertisement song and that gave me a new feeling that I was performing like Dok2, making it memorable. From my songs, I would have to pick ‘MA$HIMARO’ because I recently had the most fun making it.

10. MA$HIMARO became popular because of the dance you performed with Olltii. Who came up with the dance?
Hash Swan: There was a time when I was on stage with Olltii and it was something he suggested 5 minutes before the show. When I first saw it, I thought it was a little strange, but I was surprised when the fans liked it. It wasn’t dancing, but more of a cute act. (Laughs)

10. Who are your most memorable fans?
Hash Swan: There are these fans that are always sitting in the front during the performances. It makes me smile when I get to see their faces. There are also very chic fans. Also, there was this one time when I got in the car and some fans shouted “Wait a minute” and just threw me a cushion and went away. (Laughs) Another time, a fan gave me a snack in a cafe. When I looked at the snack, it was called ‘Kicker Bar’. (Laughs)

10. It was great when you collaborated with Cheno, who composed ‘MA$HIMARO’, ‘Daily Look’, and more. Is Cheno from Illionaire Records?
Hash Swan: He is not a member of Illionaire Records but he is a producer I knew from before. He was always known as a producer who creates a unique beat but he never revealed his beats until creating ‘Daily Look’. I asked him to produce our beat because he seemed to be less crazy and more polished. It was more than I expected and so I even asked him to create the beat for ‘MA$HIMARO’. But besides the beats that I requested, he sent me a beat that he just made. I loved that beat so much so it was released before ‘Show Me 6’ was aired. The Quiett liked the beat too.

Translated by Choi Na Ri