TWICE teaser / Photograph = JYP Entertainment

After selling approximately 200,000 copies of their first Japanese single,  TWICE has climbed to the top of the Oricon Weekly Singles chart. The groups has also set a record for selling more copies of their first single in its first week of release than any other musical act – Japanese artists included – in the country .

TWICE’s first original Japanese single “One More Time” took over the number one spot on the Oricon Weekly Singles chart for selling 200,751 copies from October 16th to the 22nd. The group also defended their number one ranking on the Oricon Daily Singles chart by selling 9,565 copies of their single on October 22 – the sixth day after its release. It was their sixth day on top of the chart.

TWICE currently holds the record for selling more copies of their debut single in its first week than any other foreign artist has ever done in Japan, as well as the first week sales record for a debut single in Japan for 2017.

After debuting in Japan on June 28 with the release of their compilation album titled #TWICE, the group dashed up the charts and was at the number one spot on the Oricon Daily Album chart for four consecutive days. It also held onto the number two spot on the monthly album chart for June and earned a Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for selling 270,000 copies.

More evidence of TWICE’s popularity in Japan can be seen on the large cylindrical Halloween ad of the group that will be displayed on Shibuya 109 – one of the most iconic shopping centers in Shibuya, Tokyo – from the 24th to the 31st of this month.

TWICE, who has captivated Japan, will be shifting their focus to Korea with their first full-length Korean album Twicetagram – scheduled to be released on October 30 – and their title song “Likey.”

TWICE released teaser images of the individual members at midnight on the 24th through the official Twitter account for JYP Entertainment.

The teaser images showed off each member’s characteristic appeal with Nayeon sitting down at an arcade game with a mischievous expression; Jihyo looking lovely with a tube of lipstick in hand; Mina with a peaceful gaze while putting together a flower arrangement’; a haughty Jeongyeon holding onto a skateboard; Momo with her mature charm on display; the adorable Tzuyu pictured along with an array of sweets; Sana with her modelesque proportions holding high heels; the adorable Dahyun with a rabbit-shaped balloon and dolls in the background; and finally Chaeyoung, who looks like an art student as she paints a green heart onto a small canvas.

A total of 13 tracks will be featured on TWICE’s first full-length album. The title song “Likey” was written and composed by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Gun. The song is a hidden track produced specifically for TWICE by Black Eyed Pilseung, who is responsible for other mega hit songs performed by the group including TWICE’s debut song “Like OOH-AHH,” “CHEER UP,” and “TT.” Some of the other tracks on Twicetagram include “Missing U” – with rap lyrics written by Dahyun and Chaeyoung – a song with lyrics written by Nayeon and Jihyo titled “24/7,” a song with lyrics written by Jeongyeon called “Love Line,” and finally a song with lyrics by Chaeyeong titled “Don’t Give Up.”

TWICE’s first full-length Korean album, Twicetagram, will be released on October 30 at 6:00 p.m. through various music sites. On the same day at 8:00 p.m., the group will be doing a showcase that will be streamed live on V LIVE at YES 24 Live Hall located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood