Super Junior returns to the music scene with their 8th full-length album ‘PLAY’ / Photograph = Reporter Lee Seung-hyun @lsh87

We’ve always said that we were just thankful for being able to work for this long, and that we wouldn’t cling to results. After giving it some thought, we’ve changed our minds. We want to achieve good results to shine the spotlight on all of the efforts that are put in by ourselves and those outside of the group when producing an album.” (Eunhyuk)

Super Junior spoke honestly on the 6th as they were awaiting the release of their new album PLAY, which would be released on the same day at 6:00 p.m. They wanted the response to the album to reflect all of the hard work and effort they put into it, and they even showed a great deal of confidence that it would. Here in the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, a press conference was held in celebration of Super Junior’s 8th album on the morning of the 6th. Six of the groups members – leader Leeteuk, Hee-chul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Dong-hae – were in attendance to introduce their new album.

When talking about their new title song “Black Suit,” a pop song written in a minor key that reflects recent trends in K-pop, Yesung explained, “It’s a sophisticated song. It’s different from any of the dance songs that Super Junior has done up to this point. Just listening to it will make you want to dance.”

PLAY, which is Super Junior’s first new album in two years and two months, has a total of 10 songs including its title track. The members of Super Junior shared the affection they felt for each and every song on the album. Hee-chul seemed to be particularly fond of a ballad that was written and composed by Dong-hae titled “One More Chance,” while Shindong selected “Scene Stealer” as his favorite track. While talking about “Girlfriend” and “Too Late” – songs that Kyuhyun lent his vocals to before enlisting in the military last May – Eunhyuk commented that he expected “the fans to be happy to hear Kyuhyun’s voice after not having heard it in such a long time.”

Hee-chul picked the track ‘One More Chance’ as his favorite song from the new album / Photograph = Reporter Lee Seung Hyun @lsh87

According to Leeteuk, “Just as each member has a different song they like, all of the songs on this album are so good that any of them could’ve been the title track.” Hee-chul voiced his confidence in the new album by adding, “We were against releasing a full-length album because we thought it was a shame that not all of these great songs would be released as singles.”

A great deal of effort went into the performance preparation as well. Eunhyuk, who is responsible for Super Junior’s performances, said “As the members have all entered into their 30s, some people have expressed their concern by saying, ‘Wouldn’t a powerful choreography be difficult for them?’ However, we haven’t scaled back on anything. We’ve prepared a great performance that shows off Super Junior’s own unique color.” He went on to say, “We do feel it’s a bit unfortunate that we have to stand on the stage as a group of six instead of being a group of 10 plus members like we were when we first debuted. But, we do have a new performance planned with a group of dancers that will make the stage shine. We hope everyone who watches it enjoys it.”

So then, what goal does Super Junior want to achieve with this album? Eunhyuk proposed selling 200,000 copies of the album as the goal. He even pledged to “go on a homeshopping channel with the members to sell black suits” if they hit their goal, which certainly drew some laughter from the crowd at the press conference.

Today is Super Junior’s 12th anniversary of its debut. We’re thankful that a lot of people see us in the same light as our younger colleagues who are currently performing. We want to be the kind of group that can compete with younger idol groups, even as the years go by. To do that, Super Junior will be putting on the types of performances this time around that it has always done up until this point.”

Translated by Jennifer Earwood