Hwang Chi-yeul is back with a new single / Photograph = HOW Entertainment

Vocalist Hwang Chi-yeul is back. The singer-songwriter has returned with a determination to solidify his title as the “ballad king” with his brand new single “Rewind,” which was released on November 9 at 6:00 p.m. It’s his first new single in five months after “A Daily Song” was released this past June.

The Korean music scene is currently filled with idol groups that have recently released and have been promoting new albums. In the month of November alone, 20 or so groups have been scrambling to release records, leading to the so-called “Great Idol War.”

News of solo vocalist Hwang Chi-yeul’s return stands out among a sea of groups staging their comeback. After sweeping the number one spot on a number of music charts with “A Daily Song,” his name could be found ranked at number 26 on Melon as of 3:00 p.m. on the 8th – five months after “A Daily Song” was released. Hwang Chi-yeul had a very successful first half of the year as a male solo artist by recording album sales of 130,000 units.

Fans from overseas have also been showing a great deal of interest in the singer, so much so that his popularity has led to the rise of “Hwang Chi-yeul Syndrome” in China. The high level of anticipation for his new single seems to be a result of Hwang Chi-yeul’s solid fanbases both in Korea and abroad.

Another reason for the excitement surrounding Hwang Chi-yeul’s new single, even among the multitude of new releases that have been pouring out recently, is due to his vocal tone and sensibility.

According to a representative from Hwang Chi-yeul’s management agency, “Through the new single ‘Rewind,’ Hwang Chi-yeul will be showing his true merit through his own unique tone and his sensibility, which has become more profound.” The song “Rewind” captures the emotions of a man who wants to return to a lover that he has parted ways with. The song was written by Han Gil, who also wrote “A Daily Song.”

Hwang Chi-yeul is expected to actively appear on music programs and perform in shows to promote his new single.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood