Cast of Lifetime’s ‘Idol Moms’ / Photograph = Reporter Cho Jun-won @ wizard333

The “idol powerhouse” SM Entertainment (SM) has joined forces with a group of moms. The new reality program called Idol Moms is different from any reality idol survival show that’s been on before. The first episode for the show will air on February 1 on Lifetime. 

A press conference for Idol Moms was held on January 30 at Dress Garden in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. In attendance were the show’s director Park Seung-ho, Kangta, vocal trainer Jang Jin-young, and choreographer Kim Tae-woo (Kasper). Also in attendance were idol hopefuls Kim Ne-oh, Yoo Chae-young, Yeom Da-hyun, Jung Jae-woong, Lee Hyun-jin, and their mothers.

Idol Moms is a reality program that will show the intensely competitive nature of stage mothers who are trying to make their children idol stars. What sets Idol Moms apart from other survival programs is that the aspiring idol singers appear on the show with their mothers.

“Today’s mothers are most interested in what they have to do to help their children achieve their dreams,“ said Park Seung-ho. The show will give viewers an in-depth look at the conflicts and the relationships between the children and their mothers as the kids undergo the process of becoming idol stars.”

Idol Moms will be televised in approximately 30 different countries through the Lifetime Asia channel. “By showing idol singers in the stages before they become a ‘complete’ Hallyu idol star, we’re hoping to send a message that these are the difficulties that go into the making of a Hallyu star,” said Park Seung-ho.

(left to right) Lee Hyun-jin, Jung Jae-woon, Yeom Da-hyun, Kim Ne-oh, Yoo Chae-young / Photograph = Reporter Cho Jun-won @wizard333

Concerns have been raised about whether or not the young contestants are being thrust into a harsh competitive environment at too young of an age. Park Seung-ho has responded to these concerns by saying, “The kids entered the audition through their own free will, and we chose the kids that showed that they fully intend on welcoming the competition.” He went on to say, “We never drilled a specific goal into their heads by saying things like, ‘You have to become such-and-such.’ We try to let the kids make their own judgments without pressuring them. Although I can’t say this for certain, I believe that there are plenty of safety measures in place to protect the children.”

Kangta, who has the dual role of being the MC and the mentor on Idol Moms, explained, “Since the five kids are still quite young, they have an enormous amount of potential. Every time I see them, they seem to be developing at a rapid pace. These kids have tried out for our show because this is something that they sincerely want. I understand that there are people who worry that we’ll commercialize or misuse these children, but I hope they’ll see that this is all a part of the process of supporting these kids’ dreams.”

Kim Tae-woo, who has taken on the role of being the dance instructor for the contestants, added, “Since this is my first time teaching such young children, it was difficult at first, but it made me proud to see them becoming better gradually. I’m very curious about what the future has in store for these kids.” He went on to say, “Even the members of EXO have expressed interest in the Idol Moms contestants and have asked if any of them showed potential.” 

Vocal trainer Jang Jin-young, also known as the “tiger teacher” on Idol Moms, said, “I’m glad to have had the opportunity to meet such lovely kids. Since the kids don’t have much experience, they’re lacking in a lot of ways. However, we’re working hard to grow and develop these children. I’m looking forward to seeing not only the struggles of the kids, but also the struggles of the trainers.”

Idol Moms will air every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on Lifetime starting on February 1. It will be televised simultaneously in approximately 30 different countries in Asia through the Lifetime Asia channel.

(Left to right) Kim Tae-woo, Kangta, Jang Jin-young / Photograph = Reporter Cho Jun-won @wizard333

Translated by Jennifer Earwood