BTS / Photograph = Big Hit Entertainment

They’re definitely hot. On the 21st, the server of BTS’s official shopping mall crashed after merchandise for the group’s 4th Muster (the name for BTS’s yearly fan meetings), Happy Ever After, went on sale.  

The phrase “BTS official shopping mall” even managed to become one of the most searched keywords on a portal site. Visitors to the online store are still currently having trouble accessing its content due to the countless numbers of fans who have flocked to the site.

The merchandise for the event is comprised of 22 products such as a muffler towel, baseball jacket, t-shirt, pouch, memorial label tag, mini photo cards, poster set, bottle, notebooks, items from a lucky draw, and more. 

More proof of BTS’s enormous popularity can be found on the limited edition covers of Billboard magazine featuring the members of BTS and the group having a tab dedicated to them on Billboard’s website.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood