March is the month of the boy group comebacks, with some of the biggest boy groups in K-pop getting ready to release new music this month. TVXQ is finally returning to the music scene after a three-year hiatus was taken for the duo to fulfill their mandatory military service. GOT7 is coming back with a song that was written by the group’s leader JB, and Wanna One – the group that became million sellers after debuting just last year – will also be making their return.

The “Gods of the East” are Rising Once Again 

TVXQ / Photograph = Reporter Lee Seung Hyun @Ish87

TVXQ is currently working on new music with the goal of releasing a new record in March. It has been three years since U-know Yunho and Max Changmin put out an album; their last album RISE AS GOD came out in July 2015 before the duo enlisted in the military. The exact release date and information about the new track have yet to be unveiled. In August of last year, when TVXQ went on an Asian press tour to announce their return to the entertainment industry, they stated that “[their] priority is to create a record that will live up to the expectations of the fans, who have waited a long time for a new album.” This is one of the reasons fans can expect to hear a high quality record from TVXQ.

Before making their comeback as a duo, both members of TVXQ released solo singles in September of last year – U-Know Yunho with “DROP” and Max Changmin with “In a Different Life.” Yunho’s single captured the essence of SMP (SM Music Performance), while Changmin’s unique sensibility was put on display in his soft ballad. It’ll be interesting to see what new music the duo with their differing styles will come out with this time around.

The “Idol Songwriters” Solidify Their Position  

GOT7 / Photograph = Reporter Lee Seung-hyun @Ish87

GOT7 will be releasing its new album titled EYES ON YOU on the 12th. It has been five months since the group released their mini album 7 for 7, which came out in September 2017. For 7 for 7, the group’s leader JB penned the title song “You Are,” and the rest of the members showed off their own unique styles by contributing to the writing of the music and lyrics of the other tracks on the album. According to JYP Entertainment, the members of GOT7 were also heavily involved with EYES ON YOU. The album’s title track “LOOK,” written by JB, will no doubt have fans eager to hear what the group’s leader has in store this time around.  

GOT7 surprised fans with a special pre-release single from their upcoming album, a song titled “Only You” featuring former SISTAR member Hyorin. “Only You” stirred up excitement even before its release, as it is GOT7’s first collaboration with another singer. The track received positive reviews after being unveiled on the 28th for simultaneously capturing the unique qualities of the members of GOT7 along with Hyorin’s characteristic vocals.

The Return of the “Record Setters”  

Wanna One / Photograph = Reporter Lee Seung-hyun @Ish87

Wanna One has put the K-pop industry on notice that the group will soon be entering its “golden age” with the release of its second mini album titled 0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU) on the 19th. The group is determined to make 2018 the year of Wanna One and the Wannables (the name of Wanna One’s official fandom). On March 5, the group released a special theme track titled, “I Promise U (I.P.U.)” in celebration of it being the 333rd day since fans were introduced to Wanna One through the Mnet program Produce 101 Season 2. The song was composed by GALACTIKA, Athena, and Robin, and its lyrics were written by GALACTIKA.

Wanna One was referred to as “monster rookies” last year when the sales for their first mini album 1X1=1 (TO BE ONE) and their repackaged album 1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU) reached over one million units combined. The group became million sellers after a mere four months following their debut. This resulted in more incredible accomplishments for Wanna One as they picked up numerous awards last year and became the most sought-after celebrities for variety shows and advertisements.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood