Comedian and TV presenter Kim Saeng-min / Photograph = KBS

Comedian and TV presenter Kim Saeng-min admitted to sexually harassing a staff member from a show he was on in the past and recently apologized for his actions, but has yet to express what course of action he will take from this point on.

After a report was released on the 2nd detailing the sexual harassment incident that Kim Saeng-min was involved in, the comedian released a statement through his entertainment agency, SM C&C, that said, “10 years ago, I engaged in inappropriate conduct during a staff get-together held for a show that I was starring in at the time.”

Kim Saeng-min added, “Even though I know it’s far too late, I met with that person and sincerely apologized for my actions in the past, which were humiliating and inadequate. When I think of how I hurt that person through my inadequate actions, my heart feels heavy and I just feel so sorry… I would like to once again sincerely apologize for my actions.” Kim Saeng-min has not revealed whether or not he would be stepping down from the multitude of shows he is currently starring in.

According to the report that was published on the 2nd, in 2008, Kim Saeng-min sexually harassed two staff members during a staff get-together that took place after shooting wrapped for the show that day. He reportedly apologized to one of the victims around the time of the incident, and apologized to the other victim on March 21 – 10 years after the incident occurred.

The shows that Kim Saeng-min is currently a fixture on, including Kim Saeng-min’s Receipts on KBS2, Omniscient Interfering View on MBC, and Salty Tour on tvN, are facing unexpected backlash. The producers of the affected shows are having to quickly collect their bearings, and are reportedly in the midst of discussions regarding whether or not Kim Saeng-min should be dropped from their programs.

If the reports are true, Kim Saeng-min and his entertainment agency have known about this issue for at least two weeks. That means they had more than enough time to state their position to the broadcasting companies before this controversy exploded. However, Kim Saeng-min and his agency took no action. Even after issuing the written apology on the 2nd that acknowledged Kim Saeng-min’s sexual misconduct, they made no mention of what course of action would be taken at this point. 

An apology isn’t enough to bring this issue to a conclusion. Kim Saeng-min needs quickly to state his stance regarding his future plans and take the proper measures to ensure that the programs that he is involved in face no further damage.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood