Taemin, Kikwang, and Eunhyuk (left to right) attended a press conference on May 2 for JTBC4’s new dancing variety program, ‘WHYNOT – The Dancer’. / Photograph = Cho Jun-won @wizard333

I wondered, ‘When was the last time that I sweat this much while I was dancing?’ The show motivated me and I really enjoyed myself.”

The above is a quote by Highlight’s Kikwang, who is in a new variety show on JTBC4 called WHYNOT – The Dancer. During a press conference for the show that took place on May 2 at the JTBC building in Sangam-dong, Seoul, Kikwang said, “I was able to learn a lot while we were filming. Even though my body was exhausted, the program gave me a sense of vitality.”

WHYNOT – The Dancer follows Eunhyuk, Taemin, and Kikwang as they work with LA-based choreographers to create a complete dance routine. The show wrapped its shoot in the US last month and resumed filming in Korea with choreographer Lia Kim and Jisung from NCT.

During the press conference, the three stars unanimously agreed that “the show helped them once again feel like someone who loves to dance.” Eunhyuk said that he was able to “remember the mindset [he] had as a beginner.” Eunhyuk, who said he could feel himself falling into idleness as he progressed along in his career, also hinted that he was able to focus on just dancing and find happiness in dancing through the program.  

Taemin, Kim Hak-jun (chief producer of the show), Kikwang, and Eunhyuk (left to right) attended a press conference on May 2 for JTBC4’s new dancing variety program, ‘WHYNOT – The Dancer’. / Photograph = Cho Jun-won @wizard333

The program’s chief producer, Kim Hak-jun, focused on conveying the joy that dancing brings and excluded any elements of competition from the show. He explained, “I didn’t want to pressure them. I wanted to show how the three guys returned to the mindset they had as rookies in an authentic way.”

Taemin, who was the last cast member to join the show, ended up coming on board as a result of Eunhyuk and Kikwang’s enthusiastic recommendations. Eunhyuk said, “We felt like we needed Taemin on the show. We told the producers, ‘Even if we have to use half of the production budget, we should do it to have Taemin join us.’” Word on the street is that Taemin’s characteristic vibrant energy and wackiness created an atmosphere of excitement when the show was being filmed.

Making the choreography themselves was difficult for the three idol stars. However, they attempted to take the know-how they had gathered over the years while performing as musical artists and integrate it into the choreography to create a more complete final product. Eunhyuk explained, “We were able to integrate our knowledge of how we should come off on stage or on camera. It’s true that we did feel pressured about (making the choreography). But, it was a good experience. If another good opportunity presented itself in the future, I’d like to try it another shot.”

WHYNOT – The Dancer will premiere on May 5 and will be airing on Saturdays on 8:30 p.m. KST.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood