BLACKPINK / Photo = YG Entertainment

All signs point to things being shaken up on the music charts in the near future. A number of girl groups are either in the midst of making their comeback or are currently preparing to make their comeback this summer. BLACKPINK started things off with a bang as they returned to the music scene after being gone for a year, and they will soon be followed by the ladies of Apink and TWICE.

BLACKPINK, who went on a year-long hiatus following the June 2017 release of their song “As If It’s Your Last,” dropped a new mini album on the 15th called SQUARE UP. The mini album consists of four songs including title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “FOREVER YOUNG,” “REALLY,” and “SEE U LATER”.

BLACKPINK raised expectations for SQUARE UP when they unveiled a new group photo on the 12th for their comeback along with a statement that said, “As this is our first mini album, we poured our hearts and devotion into the preparation process. This album expresses our musicality in a variety of ways.”

Taeyeon / Photo = SM Entertainment

Taeyeon released her third mini album, Something New, at 6:00 p.m. on the 18th. With this new album, Taeyeon has said that she experimented with musical styles that she hasn’t attempted before. Something New comes six months after Taeyeon’s previous solo album, This Christmas-Winter is Coming, which was released in December 2017.

Six new tracks covering different genres – including title track “Something New” – can be found on Taeyeon’s newest album. It’ll be interesting to see how “Something New” performs on the charts as Taeyeon has been known for landing at the top of music charts and music programs with each of her previously released songs. As Taeyeon is a singer that has both a solid fandom and exceptional vocal abilities, we’re also excited to see how she continues to grow as an artist.

The fire that has been lit by BLACKPINK and Taeyeon is expected to continue burning until next month as Apink and TWICE prepare to drop new music in July.

Apink’s new album is scheduled to be released next month, which comes a year after their previous mini album was released in June of last year. According to a source from the group’s label, Plan A Entertainment, “We hope everyone looks forward to the new album as the members have been putting a lot of thought, effort, and time into it.”

Apink, who received a positive response from their fans for a special track titled “Miracle” which was released in April in commemoration of their seven year anniversary, will be coming together as a group to promote their upcoming album as a thank you for their fans’ support. Since the members were actively pursuing individual projects in different fields for a period of time, we’re interested to see what kind of synergy will be created by the group gathering for the new album.  

Apink is reportedly hard at work at all the things that come with the territory of releasing a new album such as recording new tracks and shooting a music video.

Apink / Photo = Plan A Entertainment

TWICE / Photo = JYP Entertainment

After coming out with their fifth mini album in April titled What is Love?, TWICE will be making a comeback in record time as they’re preparing to release new music within a mere three months of their previous album. According to TWICE’s label, JYP Entertainment, the group is planning to release a new album next month.

TWICE, who recently finished shooting a music video for their newest single, has landed at the No. 1 spot on music charts every time they released a new track. K-pop fans are very excited to see if they can hit another home run with their upcoming single.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood