MONSTA X on ‘Good Day New York’ / Photo = Starship Entertainment

The media in the US has been showing a lot of interest in MONSTA X.

According to a statement given by the group’s label, Starship Entertainment, on the 24th, MONSTA X has been interviewed by 20 or so entertainment media outlets in the US such as Billboard and Access. On the 23rd (local time), the seven-member group appeared live on channel FOX5’s popular morning talk show, Good Day New York, and shared some behind-the-scenes tidbits about their US shows and talked about their music.

During the show, the two hosts were wowed by MONSTA X’s performance of “Jealousy,” I.M’s rapping, and Jooheon’s beatboxing skills. When asked where they draw inspiration for their music, I.M replied, We get inspiration from friends and our experiences; even the weather… We get inspiration from everything.” He added, “[We] also get inspiration from our fans.”

When asked what was the one thing the group wanted the fans to know about the members, I.M responded, In the US, we are making history. We need you. You guys are with us.” MONSTA X’s fans had been cheering on their favorite group in front of the studios since early in the morning.  

MONSTA X will be touring around the US during their seven-city tour, MONSTA X WORLD TOUR “THE CONNECT” IN US, which will take them to Atlanta, Georgia on the 25th and Dallas, Texas on the 27th.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood