(from the left) Director Noh Hyeong-yeon, Secretary-General Yu Jin-san, Vice-President Rhee Sang-gi, President Park Su-nam

With a foundation based on the network I have built over the past 30 or so years with overseas diplomatic offices, private companies, and organizations I have worked in cooperation with, I will put forth my utmost effort to ensure that our national sport, Taekwondo, can become a sport that is enjoyed by the whole family while focusing on children.” This statement was made by Rhee Sang-gi (60), newly-appointed vice-president of the World Children Taekwondo Union (World CTU), during an appointment ceremony that took place on the 24th at the State Tower Namsan building on Toegye-ro in Jung-gu, Seoul. He also said, Taekwondo is our national sport and is at the center of Hallyu.”

Vice-President Rhee Sang-gi has served as a defense attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, president of the Korea China Regional Economy Association – an association approved by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy – and president of Chinese media company, ChinaMedia. Also, as an individual with a reputation for being an expert on international regions such as Greater China and the Americas, he is also the vice-president of international operations for SBW Inc. – a corporation that currently owns three listed companies.

According to World CTU President Park Su-nam, In the current situation where Taekwondo is embracing its assignment of going beyond globalization to focus on developing quality content, we made the decision to bring Rhee sang-gi – a man who has gained a great distinction in the realm of international cooperation over the past 30 years at corporations and diplomatic offices overseas – on board as our vice-president.”

Vice-President Rhee’s ties to Taekwondo dates back to his years at the Korea Military Academy. He became connected to the sport of Taekwondo while studying abroad in the US and Hong Kong, as well as through his experience as a training instructor who was responsible for the human resources education of expatriates on foreign assignments. Last year, he provided support for the world of Taekwondo by serving as an organizing committee member of the 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships.

He said, While being responsible mainly for overseas operations during my many years of going between Greater China, the Americas, and Asia, I got firsthand experience of Taekwondo’s cultural and industrial value.” He went on to add, By utilizing the experiences and know-how that I’ve gained over the years, I’ll strive to create a foundation upon which our union and Taekwondo-related content can receive worldwide recognition.”

World CTU is a non-profit organization that engages in the research, development, and spread of family poomse (Taekwondo forms). Their goal is to promote the health of young taekwondoists from all over the world, importance of etiquette, compliance with social norms, and the fellowship between the members of the Taekwondo family. The union boasts approximately 50 member nations including South Korea, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK.

The appointment ceremony, which was held in conjunction with a meeting for the temporary board of directors, was attended by key executives including World CTU’s president Park Su-nam, secretary-general of the union’s Chinese branch Yu Jin-san, director Noh Yeong-hyeon, head of the Polish branch Cheolin Kang, advisory committee member Yoo Jungwoo, and executive secretary Noh Yu-jin.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood