Apink wraps up their show in Hong Kong for the 2018 Apink Asia Tour. / Photo = Plan A Entertainment

Apink heated things up in Hong Kong over the weekend and revealed their status as a K-pop girl group.

On August 11, Apink performed in front of 3,000 fans at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong as they kicked off their 2018 Apink Asia Tour.

The group started the concert off with a performance of “I’m So Sick” – the title song from their seventh mini album which was released in July. They followed up the opening song with a number of some of their biggest hits including “Only One,” “FIVE,” “NoNoNo,” “LUV,” and “Mr. Chu.” Apink’s charismatic stage presence and sincere interaction with their fans had the audience cheering enthusiastically.

Apink gave a slightly clumsy but sincerely prepared greeting in the local language to their fans in Hong Kong whom they hadn’t seen in approximately 11 months. During the concert, the girls also made cutesy heart signs for their fans and showed the audience how to do the signature dance move from their choreography for “I’m So Sick.”

In between songs, Apink told their fans, “We’re finally doing our third tour in Asia. Every year when we’re touring, we go to different regions, but we’ve come to Hong Kong for the third straight time. That’s how touched we are by the love we receive from our fans in Hong Kong.” In commenting about how they felt about kicking off their tour in Hong Kong, Apink added, Since the first stop for our tour is in Hong Kong, just like it was last year, we think we’re going to make a lot of good memories here.” 

The buzz around Apink’s concert in Hong Kong began before the actual show when the group gave a press conference at the Windsor House on August 10. Approximately 30 of the largest media outlets in the country covered Apink and their tour, including TVB – Hong Kong’s largest television broadcasting company – and Apple Daily, which is one of the four major newspapers in Hong Kong.

Apink will be continuing their tour in other Asian cities including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood