Cast of ‘Pajama Friends’ / Photo = Lifetime

Song Ji-hyo, Jang Yoon-joo, Red Velvet’s Joy, and WJSN’s Cheng Xiao will be showing off their brilliant chemistry on Pajama Friends.

Lifetime’s new variety program, Pajama Friends, unveiled photos from an undisclosed set on the 27th and special teasers featuring Song Ji-hyo and Jang Yoon-joo.

The photos, which show Jang Yoon-joo paired up with Cheng Xiao and Song Ji-hyo with Joy, present unique combinations and a sister-like chemistry between the four stars. The images showcase an interesting mix of cast members that haven’t been seen on TV up until this point.   

The teaser for Pajama Friends delightfully shows Song Ji-hyo and Jang Yoon-joo getting ready for a “hocance,” a term that is a mash-up of hotel and vacance (French word meaning “holiday”).  Fittingly for Korea’s top model, Jang Yoon-joo throws on different pajamas and shows off her edgy sense of style. Song Ji-hyo reveals her anticipation for an upcoming pajama party by asking, “Who am I sleeping with today?” 

The first episode of Pajama Friends will air on September 15.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood