Kang Sung Hoon from Sechs Kies / Photo = Lee Seung-hyun @lsh87

Kang Sung Hoon from the group Sechs Kies has expressed regret over the controversy surrounding a canceled fan meeting.

Kang Sung Hoon’s label, YG Entertainment, gave the following comment on the 11th: We would like to express our deep regret in regards to the disgraceful incident that arose due to a recent solo fan meeting for Kang Sung Hoon.” They added, Until now, Kang Sung Hoon has run his solo fan meetings on his own. However, YG Entertainment will look at all sides of the matter in detail and will look for solutions as soon as possible to prevent anyone from being harmed.”

Previously, Kang Sung Hoon had faced accusations that he had unilaterally canceled a solo fan meeting that was supposed to take place in Taiwan. According to a local media outlet in Taiwan, on August 15, Kang Sung Hoon was informed by the event organizer that the Taiwanese Ministry of Labor had requested supplementary documents for the issuance of a performance visa.” On the same day, Kang Sung Hoon reportedly emailed the organizers a contract termination notice. It has been revealed that the local organizers in Taiwan have lodged a complaint with the South Korean police on August 31.  

There have also been suspicions that Kang Sung Hoon is in a romantic relationship with a  woman that accompanies the singer on all of his work-related activities. There have been assertions that the unnamed woman, who is supposedly the administrator of Kang Sung Hoon’s fan club, was seen traveling with Kang Sung Hoon overseas and staying in the same hotel as the star. Kang Sung Hoon responded to the rumors by stating: Rumors are just rumors. I don’t anything else needs to be said about this. This matter isn’t worth mentioning. Please refrain from reading too much into this situation.”

Translated by Jennifer Earwood