Yunjin Kim will be starring in SBS’s new drama, ‘Ms. Ma, Nemesis’. / Photo = SBS

Actress Yunjin Kim has revealed that she finds herself drawn to proactive characters.

Yunjin Kim will be starring in her first Korean drama in 19 years through SBS’s new TV drama, Ms. Ma, Nemesis, which is scheduled to air in October.  At a press conference that was held for Ms. Ma on the 17th at the SBS offices in Mok-dong, Seoul, the actress spoke about the upcoming TV drama.

At the press conference, Yunjin Kim shared that she thinks “proactive female characters are attractive.” She added, “When I watch the male lead handling things, it makes me think, ‘Why does the woman have to depend on the man when she could’ve handled that herself?’ I personally don’t find characters like that appealing. I think that’s why I’m drawn to strong roles.”

Yunjin went on to say, “I’ve always had a preference for thrillers. After doing sentimental melodramas in my early 20s, I moved on to playing the part of the mother in my 30s.” She also had words of praise to offer for castmates Ko Sung-hee and Choi Kwang-je.

Based on the Miss Marple series by Agatha Christie, Ms. Ma is about a woman who is falsely accused of killing her daughter. In order to reveal the truth, she solves cases and brings light to the secrets surrounding her. The TV drama is scheduled to air this coming October.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood