Mad Clown / Photo = Starship Entertainment

Rapper Mad Clown has revealed plans to go out on his own now that his contract with Starship Entertainment has ended.

On September 30, Mad Clown posted a message on social media that read: “Starship and I talked at length about our respective future directions, and my contract with them has ended as of today.  Starship has decided to root for me as I stand on my own as an artist.”

Mad Clown went on to say, I feel like I was fortunate to form a relationship with Starship five years ago, and I believe that the Mad Clown of today has come into existence because of my time with Starship. I learned a great deal in particular while I was working on my first single album, ‘Stupid in Love’.” He emphasized, My experiences from back then have become a huge asset to me as a mainstream singer.”

He added, At this moment after I’ve decided to go out on my own, I feel like a 20-year-old college student who has just become independent from his family. Starship is still like family to me. They’ve worked really hard over the past five years as they were looking after me. I hope that I’ve been able to give them something as well as an artist.”

Translated by Jennifer Earwood