Hyomin / Photo = Sublime Artist Agency

Singer/actress Hyomin has been showing off her potential as a Hallyu goddess.

Although it’s been a month since Hyomin released her digital single, “MANGO”, it’s still currently ranked No. 1  on the Korean chart for YinYueTai, which is China’s largest music video sharing site. “MANGO” is also ranked at No. 3 on the site’s Chinese chart and is currently sitting at No. 4 overall.  Hyomin is performing even better on the charts than the group from Produce 101 China (a spinoff of the South Korean television show, Produce 101) who has been making the news day in and day out, Rocket Girls.

The multi-talented star actively promoted previous singles like “Nice Body” and “Sketch” in the greater Chinese region, which ranked high on the Billboard China V Chart. By coming back with a more mature sound and broadened musical horizons, she has been able to solidify her standing as a solo female artist.

Hyomin, who continues to receive a great deal of love and support from her Chinese fans, has been taking steps to become one of the hottest musical acts in Asia while also showing off her diverse appeal through various promotional activities.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood