TWICE held a showcase at 4:00 p.m. on Nov. 5 at the KBS Arena Hall in Seoul for their sixth mini album, ‘YES or YES’. / Photo = Lee Seung-hyun @lsh87

We worked hard to show an improved version of ourselves.”

The above statement is a comment that came from one of the girls of the K-pop group, TWICE, when the group was at the KBS Arena Hall in Seoul today (Nov. 5) to hold a showcase for their sixth mini album, YES or YES.

TWICE dropped their newest album at 6:00 p.m. (KST) today, which comes approximately four months after the release of their special album in July.

This has a deeper meaning because it’s the first album we’re releasing after celebrating the third anniversary since our debut. As opposed to the bright and energetic songs we’ve come out with until this point, we wanted to come out with a cool image,” said Jihyo. “Our choreography is a little more dynamic this time, and we went above and beyond… We hope people love this album as well.”

Unlike our previous choreography, the level of difficulty is high this time around. We think our fans will enjoy seeing us try things we’ve never attempted before,” explained Nayeon.

There are a total of seven tracks on TWICE’s sixth mini album. In addition to the title track, “YES or YES,” the other songs include “SAY YOU LOVE ME,” “LALALA,” “YOUNG & WILD,” “SUNSET,” “AFTER MOON,” and “BDZ,” which is the Korean version of the title track from their Japanese studio album.  

YES or YES” is a cheerful tune about a confession of love that is both bold and adorable. TWICE’s dynamic choreography to this song is definitely worth checking out.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood