TEN Asia will be holding the ‘TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards’

TEN Asia will be holding an awards ceremony called ‘TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards’ (hereafter Global TOP TEN Awards) where K-pop fans from 10 countries across Asia will vote online to choose the best idol group.

The Global TOP TEN Awards – which are being held for the first time this year as TEN Asia celebrates its 10th anniversary – will be accepting votes from K-pop fans in 10 Asian countries (South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia) to select the best idol group in all of K-pop. The 20 groups that the fans will be voting for were chosen based on the groups’ rankings on various music charts and their album sales. The fan data for each group that was used to determine the nominees was computed by ‘IDOL CHAMP,’ an idol rankings site that is co-operated by MBC Plus and NEOWIZ.

The biggest distinction of the Global TOP TEN Awards is that the promotions, voting, tallying, and the presentation of the awards will all be happening online. Anyone from one of the 10 countries listed above who is a fan of K-pop can submit their votes online for free by registering at the official site for the Global TOP TEN Awards. Each registered member can vote up to 30 times a day.

Voting for the preliminary round will be going on from December 17 to 30. Country-specific IP addresses of the voters will be identified to determine which groups received the most votes in each country, and the top groups from each country will move on to the final round. The voting for the final round will be from December 31 to January 13, and the ultimate winner will be announced on January 21.

The group that receives the highest number of votes during the final round of voting will receive the ultimate honor – the ‘Idol of the Year’ award. The groups that receive the most votes by country during the preliminary round will be presented with country-specific popularity awards. If a group gets the most number of votes from more than one country, that group will receive duplicate awards. All of the winners will be presented with a trophy that has been engraved with a flag of the country from which they have received the most votes, a certificate, and additional prizes.

The presentation of the awards will take place according to each idol group’s’ schedule. Videos of trophy presentations, acceptance speeches, and special messages for the fans can be viewed at the official website for the Global TOP TEN Awards and through a mobile platform. Interviews of the groups with TEN Asia and TV10, which will cover what the winning groups are currently up to, what their plans for the new year are, and how they feel about winning the award, will also be posted.

Anyone from one of the 10 Asian countries listed above is eligible to vote. Voting will take place via the official site for the Global TOP TEN Awards (https://tenasia.musicawards.co.kr). The Global TOP TEN Awards are sponsored by NEOWIZ, S.A.A.T INSIGHT, and GCGL.

▲The 20 nominees for the ‘Global TOP TEN Awards’ (in alphabetical order)

BTOB, BTS, EXO, GFRIEND, GOT7, Girls’ Generation, Highlight, INFINITE, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, NU’EST, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, SHINee, Super Junior, TVXQ, TWICE, VIXX, WINNER, Wanna One

Translated by Jennifer Earwood