On a contest with NU’EST vs WANNA ONE

Over 200 thousand votes are accumulating on the most popular ASIA K-POP GLOBAL TOP TEN AWARDS.

THE GLOBAL TOP TEN AWARD is an event held in 10 countries around Asia. Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia etc. What they do is, all fans around those country participates at the event by voting for their best and preferred team online. This year we are hosting the 10th anniversary of the TOP TEN ASIA. The event is a combination of various music chart rankings and record sales throughout the year. From the 17th, we already started to select 20 team for the preliminary round.

On the 26th morning which was the 10th day, we are cumulating records of 200 thousand votes from 2574 people. Domestic voters accounted the highest percentage with 94,915 (46%), which followed by Indonesian, Filipino and Thai fans.

At the domestic polling place, the group NU’EST and WANNA ONE are fiercely competing for the best Idol spot. NU’EST came in first place with 35.61% of the votes on the 26th. While WANNA ONE came out second place with the votes of 34.22%.

This years with the brilliant performance done by (BTS), the boy group won the national and international award at the ceremony, and they are right now leading both Indonesia and Vietnam.

THE GLOBAL TOP TEN preliminary votes will be closed this coming 30th. And starting from the 31th of December until January 13th we will use this period for the finals. Each first place from all 10 countries will be announced and the winner will receive their prize on the 21th of January.

The winner from the finals will receive an award of “The best Idol of the Year”. And each first place from all 10 countries will receive an “Award of Popularity”. When one team where popular in more than one country they will also receive double award for it. The ceremony will be held online after checking the schedule of all Idol.

To vote please check the GLOBAL TOP TEN AWARD or go on the formal site (tenasia.musicawards.co.kr) to register then vote. Anyone can participate for free.