(Clockwise from top left) BTS, Wanna One, GOT7, GFRIEND / Photo = TEN Asia DB

The voting for the preliminary round of the TEN Asia K-Pop Global Top TEN Awards (hereafter Global TOP TEN Awards) – an awards ceremony in which the winners are decided by K-pop fans from 10 countries in Asia – ended on December 30. The 8 groups who received the most votes during the preliminary round advanced to the final round. Voting for the final round to choose the best idol group began on December 31 and will end in about two weeks’ time.

The Global TOP TEN Awards is an awards ceremony where K-pop fans from 10 countries across Asia vote via online and mobile platforms to choose the best idol group. A total of 415,753 votes were tallied during the preliminary voting round, which took place from December 17 to 30.

The most votes came from South Korea, where Wanna One came out on top with 41.98% of the votes. The fans who were voting for Wanna One – who was in second place for nearly the entire duration of the preliminary voting round – made a last-minute push to get their favorite group to the top spot on the last day of voting.

GOT7 advanced to the final round while having the distinction of recording the highest voting percentage. By earning 85.84% of the votes coming in from Thailand, GOT7 beat out the second place group by an overwhelming percentage.

There were also groups that took the top spot in two countries. BTS earned the most votes from the fans in Indonesia and Vietnam, and GFRIEND came out on top in China and Singapore. Among the 8 groups that made it to the final round, GFRIEND is the only girl group.

SHINee, who debuted 10 years ago, and Super Junior, who is considered to be one of the “OG idol groups,” earned the highest number of votes in Japan and Taiwan, respectively. INFINITE, who released their third studio album in early 2018, advanced to the final round by earning the most votes in Malaysia.

The voting for the final round of the Global TOP TEN Awards will end on January 13. The group that receives the highest number of votes during the final round of voting will receive the ultimate honor – the Idol of the Year award.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood