Wanna One (from the top), Super Junior, GOT7 / photo = TEN Asia DB

Wanna One has emerged as the current leader of the final round of voting for the TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards (hereafter Global TOP TEN Awards). Despite the fact that Wanna One is a project group that actually disbanded on December 31, their popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down.

The Global TOP TEN Awards is an awards ceremony where K-pop fans from 10 countries across Asia vote via online and mobile platforms to choose the best idol group. The 20 initial candidates who were a part of the preliminary round that went on for 2 weeks starting on December 17, were selected based on their rankings on music charts and their album sales. The 8 groups that were voted as the top group of each country moved on to the final round which began on December 31. The group that receives the highest number of votes during the final round of voting will receive the ultimate honor – the Idol of the Year award.

Wanna One is the current front-runner in the poll. As the group that was voted as the top idol group among South Korean fans during the preliminary round, Wanna One has once again emerged as the leader with 27.39% of the votes. Although Wanna One started out as a project group whose contract ended on December 31, 2018, their disbandment had no effect on their standing in the poll. The group’s final official activity as a group will come in the form of a farewell concert on January 24-27. It will be interesting to see if the Wannables (members of Wanna One’s fan club) will be able to send off their favorite group with one last gift.

The “OG idol group,” Super Junior, is currently right on Wanna One’s tail with 27.17% of the votes. Among the candidates in the final round, Super Junior is the group that has been around the longest. The fact that their votes have been distributed fairly evenly across the fans from the 10 countries shows that Super Junior isn’t going anywhere. There is only a 586-vote difference between Super Junior and Wanna One. As there is still about a week left until the voting ends, there is plenty of time for Super Junior to turn the tide.

The multi-national boy group, GOT7, has also been forging ahead and narrowing the gap between themselves and the group ahead of them. They are currently in third place with 21.46% of the votes. Since GOT7 was the group that had the largest gap between themselves and the second place group during the preliminary round, we look forward to seeing if they will have a strong showing at the end and come out on top.

The voting for the final round of the Global TOP TEN Awards will end on January 13.  Anyone can vote for free by registering and logging in to the official site (tenasia.musicawards.co.kr).

Translated by Jennifer Earwood