MCs of ‘In Sync’, Kim Jong Kook and Soyou / Photos = JK Entertainment, Starship Entertainment

Nine singers of all ages and representing all genres of music will be coming together on a new variety show on KBS2 called In Sync (literal title) to find a duet partner.

The four pilots episodes of In Sync will begin airing on March 5 on KBS2. The new music variety show will feature South Korean musicians who will be participating in a “voice matching” competition to find their duet soulmates.

In sync is not your run-of-the-mill duet competition. The male and female participants on the show will engage in battles of wit, talent, and charm. In Sync is expected to capture viewers’ hearts by offering fun and excitement that surpass dating shows.

On hand to raise the level of excitement for the show are MCs Kim Jong Kook and Soyou. The casting of Kim Jong Kook, who has been building his hosting skills over the years ever since he was on the Korean game show X-Man, and Soyou, who has gone from singer to a promising show host, has been garnering attention. Soyou will be appearing on the show as both an MC and participant.

According to the producers of In Sync, “Viewers will get to experience a different kind of fun and entertainment as they watch duets between singers they enjoy and are excited to see. They’ll get to see top singers engage in a tug of war with one another and do collaborations as they switch partners.”

Viewers can catch the first episode of In Sync, where top singers will battle it out with one another to find their perfect singing partner, on March 5 at 11:10 p.m. (KST).

Translated by Jennifer Earwood