TWICE / Photo = 10 Asia DB

JYP Entertainment appears to be getting ready to take a firm stand against the circulation of malicious rumors regarding the group TWICE.  

The agency posted an official statement on the afternoon of the 12th that read: “Regarding the malicious rumors about our artists that have been circulating around a certain online community, we have concluded the severity and contents of the rumors have the potential to severely damage the image, reputation, and character of the artists. We will be considering all possible legal measures against the individuals who initially posted and spread the rumors.”

They continued, “Under the cyber defamation law, individuals who manufacture or spread malicious rumors about artists can immediately be faced with accusations, charges, and criminal punishment.” They added, “We are currently gathering evidence on the matter and discussing a plan of action with internal and external law firms.”

The agency has asked for fans to send in reports and emphasized that they would be “taking any and all measures to protect the rights and interests of [their] artists.”

Translated by Jennifer Earwood