Jung Joon Young (left), Yong Junhyung from Highlight (right) / Photo = 10 Asia DB

Yong Junhyung from the group Highlight confessed to viewing hidden camera footage shared by singer/television personality Jung Joon Young on the same day (March 14) that Jung Joon Young went into the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for questioning.

Jung Joon Young appeared for questioning on suspicion of violating sexual-violence laws related to the nonconsensual filming and spreading of sex videos.

Before going in for questioning, Jung Joon Young briefly addressed the media and stated, “I apologize to the public for the trouble I have caused. I will sincerely cooperate with the investigations.”

Since 2015, Jung Joon Young has shared numerous hidden camera videos with his acquaintances in a Kakao group chat showing himself engaging in sexual acts with women. Yong Junhyung was one of the said acquaintances.

Yong Junhyung initially denied being a part of any group chat where illegally filmed videos were being shared by Jung Joon Young. After a Kakao conversation between the two stars was revealed on the SBS 8 O’Clock News on March 11, Yong Junhyung’s agency, Around Us Entertainment, released a statement that refuted the allegations of their artist being a part of a group chat with shared illegal footage. The statement read: “The Kakao conversation that was disclosed was a one-on-one conversation between Jung Joon Hyung and Yong Junhyung. When Jung Joon Young was going through a difficult time due to a personal matter in 2016, Yong Junhyung asked him what was wrong, to which Jung Joon Young replied, ‘I got caught sharing a video that I took.’ In return, Yong Junhyung asked, ‘You mean you got caught by that woman?’”

Within 3 days of his agency releasing an official statement on the matter, Yong Junhyung reversed his earlier stance. The reversal came after the police procured a copy of some of Jung Joon Young’s Kakao chats and then summoned Yong Junhyung for a witness interview as a part of their investigations.

Yong Junhyung took to Instagram to post a statement that read: “Although I did not receive a video at that time, I have received a different video before. I also engaged in an inappropriate conversation regarding that video.” He also acknowledged that “[he] didn’t think of it as a crime or illegal behavior and was indifferent to it.” He went on to add, “I am also at fault for not firmly restraining [Jung Joon Young].”

Yong Junhyung completed the witness interview regarding the matter on March 13. Following the interview, he stated that he spoke honestly about everything he knew and cooperated with the investigation. He also called himself a bystander and repeatedly apologized while announcing that he would be leaving Highlight.

Fans of Highlight have been expressing their anger and disappointment over Yong Junhyung’s lies and actions and flooding his Instagram comment section with criticism.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood