Actress Park Han Byul / Photo: 10 Asia DB

With recent reports stating that actress Park Han Byul and husband and former CEO of Yuri Holdings, Yoo In Suk, played golf with Senior Superintendent Yoon, netizens have quickly changed their stance on the actress, who has been separating herself from her husband’s controversy up until this point by calling it her “husband’s problem.” A deluge of demands have been flooding in calling for Park Han Byul to be dropped from the MBC drama Love in Sadness, which happens to be the actress’s first project since giving birth to her son in 2018.

According to a source from the police who spoke during a press conference that was held on the 18th at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, “Including Senior Superintendent Yoon, three officers have been booked on suspicion of revealing classified information obtained in the line of duty.” The source also stated that the senior superintendent had played golf with Yoo In Suk and his wife Park Han Byul.  

According to the SBS 8’clock news that was broadcast on the same day, former F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hoon disclosed this fact on the 16th while being questioned by the police. It was reported that Choi Jong Hoon told the police that he had played golf with the senior police officer, as well as with Yoo In Suk and Park Han Byul, and that he had given Senior Superintendent Yoon’s wife tickets to a K-pop concert in Malaysia.

After the news broke, viewers of Park Han Byul’s TV drama started to call for the actress’s withdrawal from the series. The online viewer board for Love in Sadness on the morning of the 19th had messages with titles such as “Change the lead actress,” “Drop Park Han Byul from the show,” “Kick Park Han Byul out of the entertainment industry,” “Stop lying,” and “You’ve gone too far, Park Han Byul.” Online articles about the actress have also received a flood of critical comments such as, “How could you not know anything when you even played golf together?” and “How could you now know when this is about your husband?”

Park Han Byul’s agency previously released a statement that said the controversy was “her husband’s problem, not hers” and that the actress “plans to complete filming the remainder of the drama.” Love in Sadness marks Park Han Byul’s first time back on television in two years since getting married to Yoo in Suk 2017 and giving birth in the following year. Although the controversy surrounding Yoo In Suk started to develop around the same time the drama premiered, Park Han Byul has continued to work on the drama without wavering. Love in Sadness is reported to be currently more than halfway through filming.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood