Cover image of Park Ji Hoon’s debut solo album, ‘O’CLOCK’ / Photo: Maroo Entertainment

Former Wanna One member Park Ji Hoon has released his first solo album today (March 26) titled O’CLOCK.  

With love being the album’s main theme, O’CLOCK has been imbued with sentiments such as innocence, joy, and passion. The title song, “L.O.V.E,” is an energetic future R&B track about the heartfelt confession of a man who tries to nurture his love by reminiscing over beautiful memories. Park Ji Hoon’s emotional vocals in “L.O.V.E” maximize the song’s sentimental vibes.

In addition the the title track, O’CLOCK is filled with songs that convey a variety of vibes and emotions. Park Ji Hoon uses his soothing voice to signal a new beginning for the fans who have waited for him in the album’s intro track titled “The beginning of”; “US” is a touching and emotional R&B track that draws you in with its piano melody and sweet lyrics; “Would you” wittily conveys the emotions of a young and energetic romance; “Early Morning Moon” is a track with a delicate sensibility that likens the feeling of missing someone to a waning morning moon; and the final track on the album, “Young 20,” which was produced by fellow ex-Wanna One member Lee Dae Hwi, was written by Lee Dae Hwi and Park Ji Hoon himself and is a song about how Park Ji Hoon will spend his 20s with his fanclub, MAY.  

Park Ji Hoon is scheduled to hold a showcase at the Sangmyung Art Center today where he will be performing his title track for the first time. Considering how the tickets for the showcase sold out within one minute of going on sale, it’s clear that his fans are excited to see what Park Ji Hoon has in store for his solo debut.

O’CLOCK will be dropping on streaming services at 6:00 p.m. on March 26.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood