‘Running Man,’ ‘Find the Secret Couple’ episode / Photo: SBS

The peculiar air between Running Man’s Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, who seem to have gotten closer after Kim Jong Kook called Song Ji Hyo “honey” in one of the previous episodes, will be carrying over into this week’s episode.  

On the episode of SBS’s Running Man that will be airing on March 31, the troop of singles have been given a mission to seek out the “secret couple” that has infiltrated their unit. The members keep their eyes and ears open to look for signs that will point them towards the secret couple who are pretending to be single. After looking for clues, Kim Jong Kook accuses castmate Song Ji Hyo and guest/actor Kim Jae Young of being the secret couple.

In contrast to the other members who suspect a number of different individuals, Kim Jong Kook continues to assert that Kim Jae Young and Song Ji Hyo are the culprits after witnessing the two actors looking friendly with one another. Jong Kook strongly voices his suspicion while attesting that he saw the two members speaking casually to each other and holding hands.

Song Ji Hyo asserts her innocence in response to the accusations and says, “If I’m not a part of the secret couple, that means Jong Kook is being jealous right now.” The other members agree and say that Jong Kook is exhibiting jealous behavior.

Actress Jang Hee Jin, who also appears as a guest this week, describes Jong Kook as being “a little scary.” Ji Hyo replies in a way that might have longtime fans of the show recalling the “Monday Couple” days by saying that he’s “a decent person when you get to know him.”

Running Man airs on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. (KST) on SBS.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood