Comedienne Park Na Rae / Photos provided by broadcasting companies for respective shows

Comedienne Park Na Rae’s silver tongue has been taking over the Korean entertainment world. As the biggest female comic in the country, she has been making her presence felt all over the place and making the public laugh through her appearances on numerous sketch-comedy TV shows and variety shows. Today, we want to examine the reasons behind the adoration Park Na Rae receives from viewers, who tune into her programs knowing they’re in for a guaranteed good time and laughs.  

On MBC’s I Live Alone, Na Rae makes viewers laugh by showing her life as is, without any filter. Not only did she stir up the “Narae Bar” craze by putting her cooking skills on display, she also showed that her gift of gab is unmatched when she transformed herself into “Bodhisattva Na Rae” in the templestay episode.

On tvN’s Miss Korea (an abbreviation of I Miss Korea), which premiered on March 24, Na Rae stepped up as the leader of her team whose mission it was to make soft tofu stew for their foreign host. Na Rae showcased her large arsenal of talents on this particular episode by responding wittily to a rival’s attempt to subtly keep her in check and by handling everything that was thrown at her with quickness and ease, even while being in a unfamiliar place.

Park Na Rae has also become a dominant force in the world of beauty entertainment TV. On JTBC4’s My Mad Beauty 3, the comedienne delivers useful beauty tips and uncommon knowledge with the perfect amount of wit while captivating viewers with the delightful chemistry she has with co-stars Han Hye Jin, Mijoo from the Lovelyz, and Choi Yoo Jung from Weki Meki.

By also appearing as a regular on a slew of other programs like tvN’s Comedy Big League, DoReMi Market, and Sound of Grazing Grass 3, MBC Every 1’s  Video Star, MBC’s Where is My Home?, and Lifetime’s Romance Coach, Park Na Rae has proven that she is Korea’s goddess of comedy. Her continued success has us looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this multi-faceted talent.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood