Actors Lee Min Jung (left) and Lee Byung Hun / Photo: Reporter Lee Seung Hyung @lsh87

Actors Lee Byun Hun and Lee Min Jung have donated 100 million KRW to help the victims of the recent wildfires that broke out across Gangwon Province.  

According to a statement given by ChildFund Korea on March 6, the celebrity couple asked the organization to use the donated funds towards the children who were affected by the mountain fires.  

Along with their request, the couple stated, “We hope that children, who are among the most vulnerable members of society, can at least be guaranteed a residential environment where they can live.”

ChildFund Korea intends to use the funds towards providing aid to the families of children whose homes and residential bases have been destroyed by the Gangwon Province mountain fires.

From donating his talents to a 2016 campaign aimed at providing aid to sick children and to a campaign at the beginning of 2019 for children affected by housing deprivation, Lee Byung Hun has been making a steady effort over the years to help children in need.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood