SBS’s ‘Running Man’ / Photo: SBS

Why would the members of SBS’s Running Man transform into BTS and attempt to follow along to the impossibly difficult choreography of BTS’s “IDOL”?   

On the episode of Running Man scheduled to air on April 14, the cast of the show will be challenging themselves to learn the dance to “IDOL,” a song by one of the world’s most beloved boy bands, BTS.  

With Yoo Jae Suk as Jimin, Jee Seok Jin as Jin, Kim Jong Kook as RM, Haha as V, Song Ji Hyo as J-Hope, Lee Kwang Soo as Jungkook, and Yang Se Chan as Suga, the cast will be showing off the intense choreography to the song.  

During the recording of the show, the members showed up with the names of the BTS members pinned to their chests as if they were an idol group rehearsing for a music program. They then proceeded to hurl insults at one another for donning name tags that didn’t match their faces.

In contrast to the members who put their aptitude for dance on display, most of the members showed off their two left feet while attempting the BTS choreography. We expect that Lee Kwang Soo, in particular, will be drawing some chuckles from the viewers for his inability to shake off the label of “stiff idol.”  

Translated by Jennifer Earwood