‘COCO BOTTLE’ MV from Penomeco / Photo: MILLIONMARKET Inc.

Hip-hop artist Penomeco’s label, MILLIONMARKET Inc., announced on April 16 that “Penomeco’s ‘COCO BOTTLE’ music video, which was released in August of last year, has received an official nomination for the LA Music Video Awards.”

The LA Music Video Awards is an event that recognizes the best music videos of the year, and each entry is voted upon by fans and a jury of industry-recognized international experts.

“COCO BOTTLE,” which was nominated for the Best Animation Video category, was first presented on the Mnet music program that ended in June of last year, Breakers. Penomeco unveiled the song during the round two battle mission.

The music video, which was released along with the song, was directed by Studio Pivote. Studio Pivote is a creative studio dedicated to creating 2D artwork, video animation, and character production. The character in the video that resembles Penomeco and the colorful sounds make the viewer feel as if they’re watching a dynamic animated film.   

The LA Music Video Awards, which will be opening on May 11 at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts, features a total of 27 award categories.

Penomeco recently wrapped up his second headlining concert and is currently working on his new album.  

Translated by Jennifer Earwood