South Club’s Nam Tae Hyun and singer-songwriter Jang Jae In are confirmed to be dating. / Photos: 10 Asia DB

South Club’s Nam Tae Hyun and singer-songwriter Jang Jae In are confirmed to be in a romantic relationship.

Sources from both sides confirmed the relationship on April 22 and stated that the singers “communicated musically and emotionally while filming for Studio Vibes. They then developed a mutual interest in each other and their relationship progressed.”

There is a three-year age gap between the two as Tae Hyun was born in 1994, while Jae in was born in 1991.

The two met for the first time on a reality show called Studio Vibes, which will be premiering on May 1. The program will follow 10 young musicians and capture what happens as they live with one another on the show. The other musicians who will be appearing on the program in addition to Jang Jae In and Nae Tae Hyun include Ko Sungmin, Stella Jang, Eyedi, ChaHee, Deepshower, BIGONE, LeeWoo, and Choi Nakta.


Teaser stills from tvN’s ‘Studio Vibes’

The reality program and its recently revealed teasers have become hot topics after reports of a real romance between two of the show’s musicians surfaced. The teaser that has especially been catching everyone’s attention is the one that shows a peculiar vibe brewing between Tae Hyun and Jae In. The clip shows Jae In shyly asking Tae Hyun to “keep an eye out for her,” to which Tae Hyun reponds, “I like you the most out of everyone here.”

After watching the teaser, which seems to show a budding young romance between Tae Hyun and Jae In, the public has been offering words of support for the two musicians and their now-confirmed relationship.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood