Park Bom / Photo: D-NATION Entertainment

Singer Park Bom has released the first teaser for her upcoming comeback, and it has been piquing curiosity.

Bom’s label, D-NATION Entertainment, uploaded the first MV teaser for “4:44,” the title track off of the songstress’s upcoming album re: BLUE ROSE, on April 26 at 6 p.m.  

The 15 second teaser shows Bom walking inside a tunnel that is filled with a mystifying blue light.

The image of Bom walking with a curious expression creates a mysterious and chilly aura, while the soft sounds of the wind blowing and a clock ticking in the background add to the overall vibe of the teaser.

The curiosity-arousing first teaser has us wondering about what kind of story Bom will tell with her new title track, “4:44.” We’re also interested to see what lies in store in the second teaser and the full-length music video.

Bom’s most recent comeback happened just last month, when she released her first solo album in eight years titled Spring. After receiving such a warm response from her fans despite her long hiatus, Bom decided to come back with re: BLUE ROSE in record time as a thank you to her fans.

Park Bom’s new album, re: BLUE ROSE, and the music video for “4:44” will be dropping on May 2 at 6 p.m. on various music streaming sites.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood