Actress Hanee Lee’s ‘Hanee mohanee’ video / Photos: Saram Entertainment

Actress Hanee Lee has started her own YouTube channel with the goal of actively interacting with the public.

After creating her channel, “Hanee Lee,” on April 29, Hanee uploaded a 40 second teaser to Instagram along with a preview on YouTube that is approximately two minutes long. The preview, titled “Hanee mohanee (Korean for “What are you doing, Hanee?”),” provides an unfiltered look at the various things that Hanee does as she waits to film and rides in the back of a car to get to her next filming location.

Hanee gave the following reasons for starting a personal channel: “I thought it would be nice to find a place where I could give and receive messages. If you don’t communicate, others often don’t know the kinds of things you’re thinking about as you live your life, and you don’t exactly know what’s wanted and expected from you from those who like you. I hope this new space will allow me to share and talk about my thoughts about life, my habits, hobbies, and interests.”

Hanee starred in the hit film, Extreme Job, this year, which pulled in over 16 million moviegoers and became the second-most-watched film of all time in Korea. Hanee played the role of Detective Jang in the film – a character who served plenty of quips and action. She also starred in the SBS drama, The Fiery Priest, which recorded a viewership rating of 24.7% (according to Nielsen Korea) in the Seoul metropolitan area.   In The Fiery Priest, Hanee played Park Kyung Sun, a prosecutor who punishes evil forces with her witty remarks and straightforward personality.

As Hanee has increasingly made her presence felt through her talent for bringing each of her characters to life, we’re excited to see what sides of the actress we’ll get to see through her personal YouTube channel.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood