JYP Entertainment trainee, Yun Seo Bin / Photo: Screen capture from Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101’

JYP Entertainment trainee Yun Seo Bin has become shrouded in controversy after old pictures of the aspiring K-pop singer surfaced on May 5 via a fandom community.

The images that were shared in the community allegedly showed Yun Seo Bin smoking a cigarette while wearing a school uniform. There were also screen captures of him using profane language on Facebook. Claims that the trainee had been a school bully have also emerged.

Yun Seo Bin became known to the public after appearing on the first episode of the newest season of Mnet’s survival program for aspiring idols, Produce X 101. While on the show, Yun Seo Bin won a chance to promote himself for one minute by beating the other contestants in an arm-wrestling competition that put him in the first-place seat.

JYP Entertainment and Mnet informed 10 Asia on May 6 that they are “currently verifying facts,” and refrained from saying much else.  

The footage of Yun Seo Bin being evaluated and graded by the mentors on Produce X 101 is scheduled to be shown in the second episode. It’ll be interesting to see if any of the scenes with Yun Seo Bin end up on the cutting-room floor after all facts have been checked and verified.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood