Screen captures from ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3’ / Photo: tvN

Eric, from the group Shinhwa, showed off his unexpected English skills on 4 Wheeled Restaurant 3.

On the episode of tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 that aired on May 9, the employees of Bok’s Food came together to operate the fourth food truck of the series.

On this day, Eric took over the mandu (Korean word for dumplings) in place of Heo Kyung Hwan, who was moved to take charge of the fried chicken. Eric, who came back as “Mandu-ric,” deep fried the mandu perfectly on his first try and drew loads of praise from chef Lee Yeon Bok.

The initial wave of mandu orders led a pleased Eric to voice his goal to “sell all the mandu” before leaving. However, the team found themselves faced with an unexpected crisis when the chilly weather kept all of the customers indoors.

In response, Eric and Heo Kyung Hwan took up Lee Yeon Bok’s suggestion and decided to walk inside with trays of chicken and mandu to let people sample the food. When the duo went indoors, Eric was able to show off his fluency in English to the locals, which he hadn’t been able to do in the kitchen.

As soon as they returned to the food truck, Eric immediately succeeded in getting four mandu orders and was crowned the “King of Sales.” When the orders suddenly came in, Eric was able to put his cooking talents on display once again by quickly deep-frying the mandu without getting flustered.

Eric has been making his presence felt on 4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 while picking up a number of nicknames for his talents, such as “Onion-ric,” “Mandu-ric,” and the “Human Wrapper.” After seeing his culinary, English, and sales skills on display, we’re looking forward to seeing what other sides of Eric will be shown on the program.

4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 airs on Thursdays at 11 p.m. (KST).

Translated by Jennifer Earwood