Photo: YG Entertainment

WINNER has removed the veil from their new mini album, WE.

YG Entertainment uploaded an image of a poster with the tracklist of WINNER’s new mini album on to their official blog on May 11. The poster shows the members of WINNER looking chic and charismatic in black outfits.

In addition to their title track, “AH YEAH,” the tracklist consists of four new songs, “ZOO,” “MOLA,” and “BOOM,” and two bonus tracks, the “EVERYDAY” remix and “FIRST LOVE.”

With Kang Seung Yoon taking the lead, all of the members of WINNER took an active role in writing and composing the tracks for WE. Seung Yoon showed the growth he has made as a music producer by helping to write and compose a total of four tracks: title track “AH YEAH,” “MOLA,” “BOOM,” and the remix for “EVERYDAY.”

Also, Song Min Ho and Lee Seung Hoon have infused the rap lyrics on WE with their identity by taking part in writing all of the album’s songs. In addition, various producers that have worked with the group over the years, such as Uk Jin Kang, Diggy, AiRPLAY, and Joe Rhee, collaborated with the members to create a high-quality album.

The second track on the album, “ZOO,” has been getting attention for being a song that Min Ho personally wrote and composed for. Min Ho’s musical style is charmingly expressed in the song through the vocals and raps of the WINNER members.

“FIRST LOVE” and the remix of “EVERYDAY” have been included in the album as special bonus tracks. “FIRST LOVE” is a song that was very well received when the group re-interpreted and presented it for the first time on the second season of JTBC’s Two Yoo Project Sugar Man in May 2018. “EVERYDAY,” which has been made over into a fun remix for the album, will have you grooving right along as you listen.

“Until now, we’ve been making songs that were about young love. This time, our songs are about realistic emotions that more people experience,” explained Seung Yoon.  

WE contains the synergy that is created when a group of distinctly individual people, like the four members of WINNER, come together. The album also signals a new start for the group that has entered into their fifth year in the industry, and shows their determination. WE is set to be released at 6 p.m. on May 15.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood