Nam Tae Hyun and Jang Jae In

A shadow has been cast over the romance between musicians Jang Jae In and Nam Tae Hyun, who had previously gone public with their relationship. At approximately 3 a.m. on June 7, Jang Jae In took to social media to expose Nam Tae Hyun for his alleged cheating.  

The now-deleted posts on Jang Jae In’s Instagram showed screenshots of a KakaoTalk conversation that took place between a woman referred to as “A” and Nam Tae Hyun, who was saved as “South” in A’s phone. The Kakao messages show A telling Nam Tae Hyun that a friend informed her of seeing Nam Tae Hyun and Jang Jae In together at a movie theater.

The messages also show A asking Nam Tae Hyun, “Don’t you think it’s wrong to toy with someone by lying about breaking up [with your girlfriend]? What did she (Jae Jae In) and I do to deserve this?”

Nam Tae Hyun denies the allegations by saying, “There sure are some crazy people out there. It’s not what you think it is, so don’t jump to conclusions.” When A responds by asking, “So the person you were with wasn’t Jang Jae In?” Nam Tae Hyun answers, “Things are ambiguous between Jang Jae In and me.”  

Considering that the contents of this conversation were posted on Jang Jae In’s Instagram, it appears as if A sent the messages to Jang Jae In to either inform her of what was happening or to verify the facts. After revealing the messages online, Jang Jae In addressed Nam Tae Hyun directly and said, “I’m sure you won’t come to your senses, but you should live with at least some semblance of a conscience.”

Jang Jae In also goes on to reveal that their relationship became open to the public against her wishes. Jang Jae In wrote on her Instagram: “You publicly admitted that we were dating when we were just getting to know each other, putting my agency and me in a tough position. If this was how you were going to live your life, you shouldn’t have gone public with anything. I wondered why you were so obsessed with going public with our relationship and with us contacting each other, and now I see that it was because you were going around doing things like this.”  

Jang Jae In also wrote: “To Nam Tae Hyun and his fans, in particular, please stop sending and posting malicious DMs and comments. I guess other women have quietly been letting things go all this time, but I can’t watch more people becoming victimized.”  

Sources from both sides confirmed the musician couple’s relationship status on April 22 and stated that the singers “communicated musically and emotionally while filming for Studio Vibes. They then developed a mutual interest in each other and their relationship progressed.” Studio Vibes is a reality show that premiered on May 1, and it follows 10 young musicians and captures what happens as they live with one another on the show.

Since exposing Nam Tae Hyun’s alleged cheating ways on social media, all of Jang Jae In’s Instagram posts have been deleted.