Photo: Netmarble ‘BTS World’

The second single from the soundtrack of BTS World, a new mobile game developed in collaboration between BTS and Netmarble, was recently released on June 14.

The single titled “A Brand New Day,” which features the voices of BTS’s J-Hope and V,  talks about how you can achieve your dreams even though you might be scared, if you just focus on the voice within. “A Brand New Day” is an electronic hip-hop track that was produced by British music producer and beat maker, Mura Masa.

The song combines Mura Musa’s distinctive and unique beats with the sounds of an Eastern musical instrument. The sounds of a traditional Korean instrument called a daegeum starts things off and leads the first half of the song, which is then wrapped up in a sophisticated manner while maintaining a traditional Korean atmosphere.

Also featured on the track is Swedish singer Zara Larsson, who enhanced the song’s charm by joining forces with J-Hope and V.

The first single off the BTS World soundtrack, titled “Dream Glow,” was released previously on June 7. The soundtrack’s third single is scheduled to drop on June 21.

Along with the new songs, Netmarble also unveiled BTS World’s “Another Story,” in which the members of the group appear as main characters. RM and Jin’s stories were revealed on June 10 and 12, respectively, via Netmarble’s official website, and the stories of the remaining members are scheduled to be uploaded one by one. One of the game’s main interactive contents, the text messaging feature, has also been unveiled.  Users of the game will be able to get a peek into the personalities of the members by seeing how they respond to the various text replies that are selected by the users.

BTS World is scheduled to launch in select countries worldwide on June 26.

Translated by Jennifer Earwood